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Marinka (33) is married to Lot (33). She works as a DJ (rebelle020), producer, yoga teacher and Postpartum Doula.


January 19, 2018 our son was born. At home, safe and in the warmth of water. Fast-forward one year and it is almost bizarre how quickly time passes. The transformation you go through as a person, as a mother, as a partner and as a family is incredible. In the first months, the little man dominated everything. Nutrients, sleep, cramps.

Yet I did not feel for one moment that I needed to adapt. Neither did I feel that I still had much to learn. Because, everything felt very familiar and I truly believe that if I stay close to myself, I will keep experiencing it this way. My wife and I have decided to choose a natural way of raising our child. It’s called Natural Parenting or Attachment Parenting.

I had no idea that this was an existing thing. But after reading the book ‘The Satisfied Baby’ in pure horror, I thought, this is not what I want. Why should I ignore my son when he cries or ignore his need for me to be with him?  We slept together from the very start and we still do.

It is nice to see that my wife has such a different relationship with our son. I mainly make the caring decisions. Whenever a decision related to care needs to be made, she says: ‘We have to ask upper mom’. Her bond with him is a very pure one.

Just like any partner, they started to bond after he was born. I see the bond growing every day, and it moves me deeply.

I wonder what he will call us later. Funny enough his first word was papa. How is that even possible? Apparently, it is the first fixed sound of a baby. So all fathers who felt cool because their baby said papa before they said mama, sorry! Even babies without a father say papa first.

Now he says ‘mama’ to me and ‘mapa’ to Lot. But it varies. When he is with me he calls me ‘mama’ and he calls Lot ‘papa’. And when Lot is holding him and he calls out to me he will also call me papa.

We’re enjoying being together as brand new moms to the max! I feel blessed that a donor with such a big heart gave us this opportunity to happiness!

She blogs about her mom journey and natural parenting.  You can find her on:


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