Mister Leather Netherlands 2019

Axe Leito (38)

Born and raised on the island of Curacao, he has also lived in Aruba and in the Dominican Republic. He now lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with his boyfriend Robin.


When I was 18 I started to work in the only leather bar of the Hague ‘The Boss’. This bar still exists and it was my first experience with the leather scene. It is hard to explain why I have a leather fetish. I think it’s something inside your brain. It’s unexplainable. What I like about leather is the material itself and the masculine authority the outfit expresses. To me there is also a link to the military and the leather uniform.


When Evert Leerson won the 2018 contest I decided that I wanted to win the 2019 competition. From that time on I worked on my act with Aneudi, an Aruban choreograph, and my good friend Martijn. My performance had two parts: the first was a symbolic farewell to my military life and the transformation from a corporal to a leather man.  The second part of the performance included a ‘puppy’ from the SM scene. In the performance I represent building a bridge between different fetishes. My performance was held on the remix of the song ‘Rise like a Phoenix’ of Conchita Wurst made by Cezar, an Iranian DJ. We are getting ready for the Mister Leather Europe competition in October 2019 in Rome, Italy. The Netherlands has won this title for two years in a row, which of course increases the pressure on me. Everyone wants me to take the third consecutive title!


I have a number of goals for the near future. One of them is to make the leather scene attractive and easily accessible for young people by organizing parties and meetings. Also, I want to build bridges between different fetishes like leather, rubber, sportswear, bear etc. Because of my roots I hope to establish collaboration between the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean, in particular for the fight for equal rights and acceptance of LGBTQ’s. I am one of the faces of the national PREP-campaign and would like to be more active in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.


I often meet my partner and friends at the gym with sports schedules, diets and a bootcamp. I am very strict about this. My friends even call me ‘The Dictator’. Incidentally, I do personal training on request. My friends are just vain and want to walk around looking good in summer. Perhaps something else that no one expects from me; I enjoy reading non-fiction and biographies.


FRANKEE – The Bitch

Remember that scene in Mean Girls when Cady was in the lunchroom trying to figure out where to sit?