Welcoming Places

Moomba Beach


Moomba Beach Club offers an exclusive destination for sheer relaxation in the tropical sun. At Moomba Beach you’ll find yourself at one of the most astonishing spots of the island. It’s even more special, because it’s one of the first gay friendly beaches in the Caribbean. The tranquil, palm-ringed cove overlooks a white sand beach, a bright blue sea and warm gentle surf.

On the beach you’ll find comfortable lounge chairs and large umbrellas for a perfect day of basking, lounging and relaxing. Discover the utterly beautiful underwater world with the snorkels that are available to you. A perfect start of your day: a nourishing breakfast, soft morning sunbeams and your feet in the already warm white sand.

In the afternoon Moomba prepares the tastiest lunches with savory flavors. Watch the sunset into the see with a luscious cocktail and cheers to this perfect paradise.

How to get there

Piscadera Bay, Willemstad, Curaçao

Contact us

Open daily: 7:00 am – 8:00pm breakfast, lunch, Sunset Snacks
Address: Piscadera Bay z/n
T:  +5999 462 6111
W: florissuitehotel.com
F:   facebook.com/moombabeachclubcuracao