MOVIE – Died of Nothing

Died of Nothing


Raymi Sambo (1971)

Sambo is a Dutch actor born in Curacao. He moved to the Netherlands when he was 12. He has done multiple acting jobs and owns a theater company. His career started in 1990 with the musical ‘Basta’. After that he didn’t stop. ‘All stars’, ‘Baantjer’, ‘Met vlag en rimpel’, ‘ZOOP’, ‘Willem Wever’, ‘SpangaS’, ‘Flikken Maastricht’ and much more.

Right now, Sambo is the artistic leader of the theater group, V.I.G. He made quite a few theater shows with the group. ‘Mijn (bij)vrouw’, ‘Op zoek naar oom Tom’, ‘HUID!’ en ‘Aan niets overleden’ are a couple of shows in his name. But he recently made his first motion picture of one of the shows, ‘Aan niets overleden’. ‘Aan Niets Overleden’ is an artistic movie with an all-black cast and is also the big screen debut of director Raymi Sambo.


The Caribbean Thilda Purperhart lives with her daughter Joyce in a rowdy flat in the Bijlmer. Thilda also has a son, Kelvin, who is ill, he has AIDS. She keeps him carefully hidden in the house, so that his illness will not bring any shame to the family. As a result, the boy does not receive medication and his situation worsens by the day. Their secret seems safe until one day the doorbell rings and Julius, a Dutch-Caribbean man, is standing at the door, looking for his old school friend Kelvin.

What if you’re seriously ill, but it is unthinkable for your mother to talk about your illness and its cause? What if you truly and deeply love your son, but the profound shame around his illness forces you, his own mother, to rather declare him dead? Kelvin is suffering from AIDS and since then, his mother and sister carry the burden of a big secret. ‘Died of Nothing’ shows what shame and fear will do to a mothers’ love, once the truth becomes even more unbearable than your sons’ death.



The film will be shown during the Curaçao Pride 2019. For more information keep an eye on the program!