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‘There is an incredible atmosphere and it’s getting bigger and better every year. It is obvious that love is leading at this party. It’s all about the love!’


Nena grew up with her parents and sister in The Hague, also known as the political capital of the Netherlands. In daily life, Nena studies Sports Marketing and Management at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. But in the weekends Nena reveals a different side of her personality. For the past 2 years, she has performed as DJ Nena during the Curaçao Pride. We will definitely be seeing much more of her, or more accurately, hearing more of her.

Her love for DJ-ing was born during her internship in Suriname. There she bumped into her old football coach who was a DJ at a club. Her instant reaction was ‘I want to do this too!’ After practicing for a bit in the Netherlands, she got her first turntable and her DJ name. Her name was Nena and she wanted to be a DJ, so she became DJ Nena.

During the Curaçao Pride DJ Nena’s urban and eclectic style sweeps her audience into the loving and festive atmosphere so typical of the event. After having performed here for the last 2 years, she fell in love with the island. ‘Traveling to Curaçao is always fun for me, but contributing to the Pride here is my cherry on the cake.’

foto: annemieke van der togt

She enjoys performing during the opening of the Pride at Wilhelmina square and on the boat trip to Fuik, which attracts a large audience. The Floris Suite Hotel was her home base during the Curaçao pride. The Floris Suite Hotel is considered ‘the gay friendly’ hotel of Curaçao. And what better location to celebrate the LGBTQ community than in an LGBTQ-friendly hotel. ‘Everyone is so cheerful and is allowed to be themselves. I love to see that, you can really see everyone enjoying themselves.’

Every year she clearly feels the appreciation coming from the crowd. ‘That is an awesome take away!’

She has seen the Curaçao Pride change over the past few years. ‘It’s getting bigger and better every year. It would be cool to see it continue to grow every year. I hope this event grows to be even more accepted in Curaçao.’ Her girlfriend often comes to her shows, and DJ Nena goes to hers. Occasionally they get to work together, which is awesome.

Even though the Curaçao Pride is always great fun for DJ Nena, some things could be better.  In her opinion, there should be more partnerships with large companies in Curaçao. ‘This would get more locals involved in the event. Last year, for example, Papagayo participated, which is a great start for future collaboration.’



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